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An Unbiased Look into the Government Shutdown

An Unbiased Look into the Government Shutdown

It probably seems weird for a law firm to discuss the government shutdown, right?

Right, except…….

See, we help people who collect Social Security Disability benefits and Workers’ Compensation benefits — both of which will be affected. So we wanted to take a minute to discuss what kind of impact the shutdown may have on you and your claims.

Social Security benefits during a government shutdown

We pulled the following list from the Social Security Administration’s website. You can check it there yourself, if you want to dig deeper. But according to the SSA, there will be workers in field offices who will:

  1. Help you apply for benefits
  2. Assist you in requesting an appeal
  3. Change your address or direct deposit information
  4. Accept reports of death
  5. Verify or change your citizenship status
  6. Replace a lost or missing Social Security payment
  7. Issue a critical payment
  8. Change a representative payee
  9. Process a change in your living arrangement or income (SSI recipients only)

The SSA will NOT, however, be able to:

  1. Issue new or replacement Social Security cards
  2. Replace your Medicare card
  3. Issue a proof of income letter

According to the website, you will STILL receive your Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits during the shutdown, and that’s true for those collecting SSD benefits as well. People collecting Medicare, Medicaid and veterans’ benefits will continue to do so as well.

But we also know that some Congressional leaders are looking to make vast cuts to these programs. So we wanted to let you know that we’re keeping an eye on it for you.  Also, if the government actually defaults on its debts, that may affect Social Security benefits and/or services in other ways.  Check back to our blog often for updates regarding potential cuts or other changes to Social Security. 


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