For Athletes, Social Security Disability Could Be a Lifesaver

For the last few years, there’s been a lot of public discussion over the severity of football-related injuries. Anyone who watches an NFL game on Sunday – all three and half hours of each hour-long game – can speak (sometimes fondly) of the days where there were fewer rules about plays, about offensive maneuvers, even about helmets.

I bet Jake Locker isn’t one of them. One of our very own Titans, Locker’s hip injury, later labeled a sprain, is a poignant reminder of the dangers of playing professional football. And while quarterbacks and punters are often more protected from the rigors of the game, linebackers, running backs, defensive ends: these fellas may end up with more injuries than they could have anticipated.

What you may not know is that insurance for football players is exceptionally high ­and most players won’t get the help they need.  Even the massive $765 million lawsuit brought against the NFL won’t scratch the surface of the needs of the 4500 former players with traumatic brain injuries.

That’s why more and more players are starting to fight harder for their rights to Social Security Disability insurance, and Total and Permanent Disability. Sure, you can argue that every Titan knows the score before he begins to play. But we demand that type of play from them; we want them to run faster, hit harder, throw farther than ever before. That kind of physicality is punishing, and massive head injuries can lead to depression, suicidal tendencies and dementia… all of which are coverable conditions through SSD.

In Tennessee, we love football. We just love our football players more. And we think that it’s about time they started getting the help they need, to protect them and their families in the future.


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