Dangerous Roadways Cause Motor Vehicle Accidents in the Tri-Cities of Tennessee

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The injury lawyers of Massengill, Caldwell & Coughlin, PC have served the Tri-Cities region for several decades. We know that many of our local roadways can be dangerous for drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians alike. Following a serious accident, we fully investigate all the causes and aggressively pursue insurance companies and negligent parties so you receive fair compensation.

Interstate 26 and Interstate 81 are the sites of many accidents in Bristol, Kingsport and Johnson City

Several major roadways run through the Tri-Cities region. Interstate 26 and Interstate 81 are the most heavily traveled. Not surprisingly, these major thoroughfares have some of the highest rates of car accidents, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents in the state, according to the Tennessee Department of Safety.

Speeding, distracted driving and alcohol impairment often play a key role in these accidents. Traffic congestion can bring out the worst in drivers, leading to aggressive driving behaviors such as tailgating and erratic lane changes. Road rage may lead to motorists intentionally trying to harm other drivers.

Other dangerous roads in East Tennessee include Highway 27, Highway 33, Chapman Highway and a stretch of Highway 129 called the “Tail of the Dragon.” While popular with motorcycle enthusiasts, Highway 129’s sharp turns and blind corners leave very little room for error.

Accidents caused by poor road design, construction or maintenance

While negligent drivers are often to blame for car accidents in the Tri-Cities area, the design or condition of the roadway may also play a role. If the condition of a road comes into play, crash victims may be able to pursue an injury lawsuit against federal, state and local government entities.

When accidents tend to regularly occur at the same location, there is likely an issue with how the roadway was constructed or designed. For example, the road layout may interfere with a driver’s ability to safely process and react to information, such as a short highway on-ramp, poorly designed intersection or blind corner. Similarly, poor drainage can cause drivers to hydroplane and lose control of their vehicle.

Other common road defects include:

  • Lack of appropriate traffic control devices or signage
  • Poor lighting
  • Unsuitable lane configurations
  • Visual obstructions
  • Failure to install guardrails or median barriers
  • Badly designed shoulders
  • Pavement drop-offs

States, counties, cities, towns and other municipalities are obligated to design and construct safe roadways. They must also keep public highways and streets safe by performing regular maintenance. Government entities can be held liable for injuries caused by dangerous road conditions if they fail to address adverse road conditions within a reasonable period of time after they are notified.

Contractors performing road construction can also be held liable for failing to use reasonable care to protect drivers from unsafe conditions. Examples include improperly closing lanes during construction, failing to alert motorists of changing road conditions and leaving construction equipment on the highway.

If a negligent driver, government body or company caused your injuries, you need an experienced lawyer by your side. These types of vehicle accident cases are often complex and require extensive knowledge in several practice areas.

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