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Client Testimonials

Thank you for helping me win my case.

Jenna-April 2017

Carter’s assistance in navigating the complicated path through the Disability appeals process was instrumental in her approval. We can’t thank him enough.

Scott S.-November 2016

Hi Carter: Hope you and your lovely family are well. Just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you helped me when I had that wreck. I was able to help my son with his college. He recently graduated from King with 2 degrees and it would not have been possible without the money. I will never forget what you did to help me and how hard you worked to see that I was taken care of. You were certainly a blessing. I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas!

Suzie Baker-December 2015

Hiring Carter Massengill to represent me in both a divorce process and to bring an action of contempt of court against another party, was one of my better decisions. (Of course, if I had made consistently good decisions I wouldn’t have needed his prowess.) I found Carter to be highly skilled, methodical, responsive, and effective in consultation, mediation, and courtroom processes. The outcomes of these actions were both quite satisfactory. I couldn’t have been more pleased. I highly recommend him for cases such as mine.

Russ, March 2015

I serve as District Public Conservator for Upper East TN covering eight Counties.  As such I am appointed to act on behalf of the elderly who are unable to make their own healthcare and financial decisions.  In this role there are many legal issues to deal with and our Program must have an experienced attorney.  Daniel Coughlin has served as our attorney for about 14 years.  I rely on his expertise, patience and availability at all times.  Dan has provided me on behalf of the people I serve continued assistance in all aspects of my role as Conservator.  His compassion and integrity are also the reason we have maintained him as our attorney for all these years.   I would recommend Dan and this law firm to anyone in need of legal assistance.

Wanda Martin, FTDD Public Conservator, February 2015

I want to thank you for your assistance in handling my case. I couldn’t have been more satisfied working with you. You did an excellent job. The case that you handled for me had become a major problem. Due to your expertise and being an advocate for me, my case was satisfactorily resolved. If you should ever need a reference, please feel free to contact me. Again, my sincere appreciation goes to you.

Virgil Sensabaugh, November 2014

My experience with Carter has been wonderful. He is a caring individual, very easy to talk to, yet professional & efficient. He kept me well informed throughout the entire process & gave me the piece of mind that my case was being handled in the best possible manner. I would have no problem highly recommending him for his services. He did a fantastic job.

Anonymous, August 2013

Myers Massengill II has represented me for the last four years in my original divorce case and in subsequent returns for other issues concerning that divorce. I worked and lived in a nearby city so a lot of our discussions were over the phone and by e-mail. Myers II always returned my calls if he was not available at the time of the call and always addressed my e-mails. He worked with me to arrange times for personal consultation so that I would not miss work. In my state women are often left with much less than their husbands in divorce cases. Myers II was and is very knowledgeable about court cases involving divorce and has a remarkable memory. Not only did he remember all the things I asked him to address but he was able to recall unusual cases that set precedence for assisting me in receiving a much better settlement than many women in my situation. He was always patient, considerate, understanding and sympathetic toward me and his strategy in representing me was very successful. He was honest and respectful not only toward me but also toward my former husband and his attorney. While I observed that some attorneys were arrogant and abusive toward the parties testifying, Myers II was humble and respectful but very effective in getting his point across in the court. I believe he is genuinely concerned for his clients and works tirelessly to give them the best representation possible. I have several friends who have retained him in other cases than divorce. They have all been exceptionally pleased with his attentiveness, kindness, performance and the outcome of their cases. I highly recommend Myers Massengill II as an attorney for anyone who has need of excellent representation in legal matters and I will certainly retain him again should the need arise.

Shirley Schultz, July 2013

When we were in crucial need of both knowledge and competency due to a legal situation, Mr. Myers Massengill of this firm spent the time we needed to understand our options and solutions, and then shepherded our case through the twists and turns of the judicial process. I can state that without his help, we would have been at the mercy of an overarching system we neither not fully comprehend nor have standing with. We would highly recommend him for your legal situation. Thanks again for your diligence and professionalism, Myers!

Geoff Stunkard, April 2013

Myers Massengill II was recommended to me by a good friend for a very personal legal matter. Throughout my two years working with Mr. Massengill, I was treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. My phone calls were promptly returned and even though I am sure he had a very full caseload, I was extremely impressed with how much of what we discussed at each visit that he remembered at all subsequent visits. I was unable to meet face to face with Mr. Massengill prior to final negotiations; however, during negotiations I could not have been more impressed with his understanding of my case and the courtesy he extended to everybody in the room. I would use Myers Massengill II again without hesitation if I had any legal needs in the future.

Debbie Compton, June 2013

Mr. L. Carter Massengill handled my case with the utmost courtesy, efficiency and professionalism. I would recommend him highly to anyone in the Tri-Cities region who is in need of a general practice attorney. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service he provided.

Karla Jolene Leybold, February 2013

Mr. Carter Massengill and staff most respectful and nicest people to help quickly resolve your legal issues and with a positive outcome.Would refer to anyone..!!

Brandon Thorpe, February 2013

Throughout my two years working with Mr. Massengill, I was treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. My phone calls were promptly returned and even though I am sure he had a very full caseload, I was extremely impressed with how much of what we discussed at each visit that he remembered at all subsequent visits. I would highly recommend Mr. Massengill and if the need were to arise, I would use him again for any and all legal matters.

Anonymous, June 21, 2013

We used Carter Massengill for our adoption case. He was excellent to work with. Excellent communication. Always there to answer questions and return phone calls. The staff at the firm was also very friendly. I will definitely use this firm for all my future legal needs. Thanks so much to Carter for all he has done for our family.

Trey, February 15, 2013

In 2008 I was injured on the job, I hired Myers Massengill II shortly after that injury and Myers and his law firm went above and beyond the call of duty to help me in every way possible. Myers Massengill II won my case for me and without him I do not think that I would have ever achieved this. He was there for me for everything thru thick and thin. This is an amazing law firm and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs an attorney. Please do not hesitate to call them, I have never found them rude or uncaring and I think if you need an attorney you will be amazed at the representation that you receive from them!

Donna Tomblin, February 13, 2013

Testimonials from peers

This attorney is one of best lawyers in our community it is a pleasure to have him appear before me.

Judge, April 6, 2013

An excellent attorney, with the highest ethical and professional standards.

Private practice attorney, March 25, 2013

Mr. Massengill is a very good lawyer and represents his clients well. He consistently volunteers for probond. He is more knowledgeable than the average lawyer with the same years of practice.

Judge, March 25, 2013

Myers is a great attorney with the highest score of ethical standards very knowledgeable in area of practice. Cares deeply about his clients

Private practice attorney, March 24, 2013

I worked with Myers for several years on a difficult product liability case, among other matters, and was very impressed with his character and competence.

Private practice attorney, March 14, 2013

Myers is an excellent advocate for his clients and maintains an outstanding professional standard. He is a pleasure to work with!

Private practice attorney, March 5, 2013

Excellent attorney. I had the pleasure of working with Myers on personal injury case. He is a tremendous attorney, and would welcome the opportunity of working with him again.

Private practice attorney, February 26, 2013

Carter is known to be a good and ethical attorney.

Government counsel, June 12, 2013

I’ve witnessed first hand Carter’s interaction with clients, opposing counsel and judges and have always found him knowledgeable and respectful in all settings. In addition, I’ve witnessed Carter’s dedication to the state and local bar associations and his eagerness to participate in community and pro-bono activities and services.

Corporate counsel, June 4, 2013

Attorney Massengill has an excellent working relationship with the local judges and bar association.

Private practice attorney, May 27, 2013


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