Tennessee Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Encourage Safe Riding

Bristol bike wreck attorneys provide safety information

Riding a motorcycle should be a fun and safe way to get around. Sadly, motorcyclists are more likely than other drivers to be hurt or killed in accidents on the road. With the proper safety precautions, riding can be made much safer. Tennessee law requires riders to wear a helmet, which drastically reduces the risk of head injury and death in a motorcycle wreck. Even the safest drivers are involved in bike wrecks, often due to the actions of another driver. The motorcycle wreck attorneys at Massengill, Caldwell & Coughlin, P.C. represent injured bikers in Bristol and throughout Tennessee. We encourage our clients and all bikers to take precautions to make themselves safer and help prevent accidents. When other drivers cause an accident that injured a motorcyclist, we do everything we can to hold them accountable and get compensation for the injured biker.

Keeping bikers safe on the road

There are many pieces of equipment that help bikers stay safe on the road. Investing in excellent safety gear is a lot cheaper than paying big medical bills. Some of the most important gear for rider safety includes:

  • Gloves. Because riders tend to put their hands out to stop themselves when they fall, the hands often absorb much of the impact in a bike wreck. Well-stitched leather protects your hands from abrasion. Gloves with palm sliders help prevent bone-shattering forces from reaching your wrists. Good gloves also keep your hands warm and dry so that you can maintain control of your motorcycle.
  • Jackets and clothing. Investing in well-made jackets and pants will help you stay dry. More importantly, the materials in these pieces of clothing protect riders from road rash. Road rash is like rug burn but much worse. The road can tear through skin, flesh and bone as you slide across it unless you are properly protected. Body armor also helps protect against road rash.
  • Boots. In addition to the risk of being crushed, a bikers’ foot has to stop the weight of the bike and the rider every time the bike stops. Proper motorcycle boots provide support and prevent contortion and crushing. Different types of boots are available depending on the type of riding you plan on doing.

Additionally, it is important to make sure your helmet is DOT approved. Decorative helmets do not protect riders in motorcycle accidents and can even increase the risk of injury. Helmets must be replaced every few years and after any crash. The right gear can save your life in an accident. The attorneys at our firm can help you with everything else that comes after a crash.

Motorcycle safety tips from experienced bike wreck lawyers

Besides wearing the right gear, it is important to take other steps to stay safe. If possible, take advanced cycling courses. They will make you a better and safer rider. Avoid riding in bad weather, especially if you don’t have equipment designed for it. Be careful of road hazards and when possible, ride in groups. No matter how safe you are, wrecks are still possible. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, an experienced attorney at our firm can help.

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